Karolis Narkevicius

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    Twitterand GitHub--hey@kn8.lt

  • My last tweet

    Very excited! Managed Postgres on DigitalOcean: https://t.co/SL0P28Il3S

  • Snowflake

    Gotta catch them all. A game built with React.

  • Cherrytree

    A flexible router that works with any framework.

  • Remind Me To Scrobble

    A cute Last.fm scrobbling reminder.

  • Bapistrano

    Deploy clientside apps to s3. Some powerful stuff. And simple.

  • npm

    npm install electronic-post-message / karma-webpack-grep / kn-release / location-bar / logcatislog / s3-cnpm / secret-door / standard5

  • PolyChrome

    Standard ML programming in browser. An old Uni project - not for production use ;) I think you'd want Bucklescript for that.

  • On deployments

    A couple of bash scripts and instructions on how to do simple deploys for side projects and tiny apps. Though honestly, I recommend Flynn instead.

  • karma webpack grep - super fast tests in dev

    A litte piece to help you run karma webpack tests faster. Might be outdated.

  • The fascinating world of JavaScript routing

    Read about the evolution of JavaScript routing libraries and my project - Cherrytree.

  • What flyyn does

    I was super impressed with this PaaS. A very easy to use, yet very powerful self service PaaS where you can deploy your apps and databases.

  • rauchg's 2016 in Review

    @rauchg had a brilliant and massively productive year.

  • React SVG icons

    A brilliant method for creating React SVG icons.